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Ant B

"Still in shock that I got to be part of such an amazing project as Artists Against Addiction. No matter how different we all may seem, most of us have been affected by addiction. The Electronic Music industry has the perception of nothing but late night raves with lots of drugs. Hopefully through music we can help end the battle with addiction. So many amazing artists have contributed and the movement is only going to get stronger. Thank you all for listening."
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"I went into writing 'Sweet Goodbye's' thinking about all the loved ones I have lost over the years because of addiction. Sadly that number continues to grow, but our memories will always remain within me, until I am gone. With that said, the saying 'You're Not Gone, until you are Forgotten' means a lot to me and I do nothing more than try to voice the memories we had together, through my music... I miss and love you all so much. ❤ Dedicated solely to a cause that will hopefully help at least one person not have to go through and experience the heart wrenching pain I (and so many others) have..."
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DDE The Slammer

"This poem was written about a person who feels that drugs are their only savior. That nobody can help them and the ride is too good to pass. The point of it is to remind people that they have friends who care. That the path to sobriety isn't taken alone. From personal experience with drinking and seeing many family members have their lives ruined from the same as well as drugs, this project touched me on a personal level. It was something that I wanted to support because I know firsthand what the true cost of addiction is. It's mission and its message resonated with me, and I intend to make that message as loud as I can."
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"When Travis and I got together to work on the tune, we weren't really sure which direction we wanted to go. He had some great vocal ideas and tried combining them with a house melody I had been working on a couple weeks earlier. We worked that angle for a minute but ended up creating a new beat at a much lower tempo while holding the same key. It kept rolling along and finally ended up being something that has a chill, “pretty,” feel, while having a good amount of bass and push that could really kick on a big system. When the project started up, we knew we had to be a part of it because it's a subject that hits close to us. At the time we had lost 2 close friends in the past 7 months, and recently lost another; all due to opioid addiction. We are hoping our small contribution to the cause will help educate ourselves as well as others about the very real epidemic plaguing our communities."
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Christian The DJ

"I wanted to give people a glimpse into my creative process as a DJ, and offer some perspective on my experience with this project.
From the moment I heard about the project, I knew I wanted to contribute in some way. Not being a producer, I approached Rob with the idea of mixing the tracks as a means of promoting the compilation. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting into. I just knew I wanted to contribute to such an impactful project while honoring one of the most genuine people the world has ever met.
To give some perspective on my experience, it's important to consider my somewhat obsessive method to programming my mixes... I take a very narrative approach to building my sets, with the main purpose of taking the listener on a journey. For me, it's all about 'the flow'.
This project was especially challenging because of the diversity in sounds, and my lack of control over the subject matter. It was like writing a story with a different person providing each chapter. It was my job to take these very different pieces of Jose's memory and create a cohesive collage of memories. I would be taking other people's tracks out of context... Cutting pieces and adding my own flavor, while maintaining the theme of honoring our fallen brother.
Once I received the tracks, I listened to them incessantly over the next several days during my commute. Initially I was listening 'blindly'. Knowing many of the artists personally, I wanted to listen without bias... Eventually, as I became more acquainted with the tracks, I started arranging and rearranging them to build a flow. Like one of those puzzle games, where you slide the pieces around until you see the picture, eventually the picture began to come into focus.
Although I recorded a few versions of the mix as I sorted out the programming, the final mix was done in a single take.
Over the course of my time with this project, it was inspiring to know that most of the tracks were written specifically in Jose's honor. With his memory heavy on their minds, these artists spent hours creating something to honor their time with him.
Likewise, Jose was on my mind throughout the process. He was the reason I was in this exact place and time, curating pieces of his memory...a constant reminder of the lasting impact one person had on so many people.

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"As someone who spent 2+ years sleeping outside with no ambition and plenty of vices keeping me from going anywhere, i can truly attest to the power of music. My drive to create and perform for the friends i have met in the past few years have not only helped me grow as a producer, but also motivated me to get my life together, begin working, and to stop drinking/partying. This song is dedicated to anyone with battles going on in their life, be them addiction or other. I use my music as a journal to express my emotions during the production process, Beat Drop was initially an angry tune with emphasis on the frustration of not feeling good enough. But with some minor tweaks and edits, it turned into a fun bouncy track with lots of character, something i believe my music should be. I only met Jose a few times while performing with Indymojo, but he was always so upbeat and quick to treat me like family even though i barely knew him. I know the strain of losing someone close to you and I hope i can bring some positivity to the world through my contribution. DubstepGrime"
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Button Mashers

"Our feelings for Artists Against Addiction’s Serenity project are out of this world. This project has so much potential to help people that are plagued with the disease of addiction. It is sad to see this epidemic take so many lives in the process. For John, being 11 months into his sobriety is something he never thought would ever happened. His life has drastically changed since he started on the path of sobriety. He is now enrolled in school, is much more healthy, and is in the best shape of his life. A lot of his friends knew how different of a person he was before his sobriety. He was smoking weed everyday and drinking almost every night. When you’re in the music scene it can be hard to exclude yourself from the partying and John pretty much had to have drinks in the DJ booth at all times. A couple years ago one of his friends passed away from a heroin overdose. They hadn’t hung out in a long time but he went to the same school as John and used to frequently see each other at parties. He was had his first drink and started smoking weed when he was only 14 years old. He’s currently at the point where he can go out with my friends who will be parting but can still have fun being sober without even a thought about using. He’s made this aware to his friends so that they know his journey but they respect his decision to stay sober which John truly thanks them for that. Also, he can now perform with ease all while not drinking in the DJ booth. He’s actually having more fun than ever before. His sobriety and his friend’s death are part of what inspired Button Mashers to produce this track. Travis’ story is pretty similar to John’s in a way. He also started using fairly early in life and got heavily involved in the weed-smoking scene that was popular in his high school. He used to smoke weed multiple times everyday and started experimenting with heavier drugs after he graduated high school and started attending college. After a few years of on and off again using, he started experimenting with opiates. Sadly, his opiate use continued to grow to the point where he was using them multiple times a day. Eventually it reached the tipping point and he had to get away from his home state of Iowa. He has a lot of family in Indiana so him and his family decided that moving to Indiana would be his best option to start improving his life. Travis had always dabbled with making music throughout his life and even helped start a pretty popular metal band in high school. After his move to Indiana, he started making music much more seriously and put a ton of time into learning the craft. A few months after he had moved to Indiana, he decided to attend a Wolfgang Gartner show. While at the show he was doing the Melbourne shuffle style of dancing during Wolfgang’s set. John noticed he was dancing and came up to talk to him. They instantly became friends. John taught Travis how to DJ and Travis taught John how to produce music. If it hadn’t been for Travis’ move to Indiana, he may have never met John and wouldn’t have started to focus on his life and music and most likely would still be using very heavily. John and Travis wanted to go "At Em" hard for this project. Go at the drugs and stop this epidemic that’s causing so many people to die. We didn’t know Jose very well but can easily see the impact he has made. It’s easy to tell that he was an amazing, kind-hearted man. His impact will help change lives. We deeply believe that every artist on this project will help change other’s lives. We strongly hope to inspire as many people with this journey of ours and we plan on continuing this for the rest of our lives. We plan on going "At Em", which is fighting to save lives in this battle against heavy drug use and help save people stuck in this disease of addiction. With Jose’s impact, this projects message, and the artist stories, this could be the movement this scene needs."

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"When Rob originally approached me for music for the compilation, I was totally in for it. Having struggled with an addiction of my own, I instantly fell in love with the idea that my music could maybe in some way help give back to a recovery community that has done so much for me. The project became an even more personal to me after I heard of the passing of my good friend, and friend to many involved in this, Jose. I've never really had a full grasp on where music might take me in life, to be honest I've been really just going with it for the past year. But, with this release, for this cause, and with this group of people... Well, it's just a highlight I'll never forget and I cause I still fight for to this day in my life."
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